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About New School

At New School Community Day we provide students an opportunity to recover credits lost at a comprehensive high school. Some students return to their previous school once credits are recovered while others continue on to graduate from New School. 

Our mission at New School is to help students accept responsibility for their actions, believe in themselves, and learn to set and achieve goals. We believe that all students can succeed, and that in a structured, caring, democratic, and student-centered environment, every individual can make significant progress toward reaching his/her potential. 

What is a Community Day School?

Community Day Schools are operated by school districts and county offices of education.

Community Day Schools serve mandatory and other expelled students, students referred by a School Attendance Review Board, and other high-risk youths.

The 360-minute minimum instructional day includes academic programs that provide challenging curriculum and individual attention to student learning modalities and abilities.

Community Day School programs also focus on the development of pro-social skills and student self-esteem and resiliency. 

Community Day Schools are intended to have low student-teacher ratios

Students benefit from learning support services that include school counselors and psychologists, academic and vocational counselors, and pupil discipline personnel.

Students also receive collaborative services from county offices of education, law enforcement, probation, and human services agency personnel who work with at-risk youth.

Community Day Schools are supported by supplemental apportionment for Community Day School attendance, in addition to base revenue funding. 

Most of our students at New School are here for credit recovery.  

Prior to admission, students must acknowledge responsibility for their mistakes and commit to changing unproductive habits.

Our goal is to help our youth correct behaviors so that they can become more productive at school, at home, at work, and in the community.

Our staff are mentors to students and offer the support necessary to achieve academic success in a caring and safe environment.

We operate from 7:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. every school day. We enroll up to 60 students, and our teaching ratio is 12-20 students to each staff member.

New School was founded...

In 1994 Don Eggleston and Albino Garcia started New School Community Day School at the  La Manzana Community Resources Center on Main Street in Watsonville.


The school moved to its current location, 165 Harkins Slough Road, behind Landmark Elementary in 2007.


Program Entry & Exit

Students are referred to New School through Pajaro Valley’s Student Services department or a school official.  Each student applies for admission and is interviewed by an administrator.  Students are accepted for placement at New School throughout the year.


Once a student earns the number of credits required for his/her grade level, he/she eligible to apply for a transfer to another school or program.  New School facilitates the transfer process.   Students under an expulsion contract from the district must complete the contract’s requirements prior to exiting New School.